Summer is almost here, which means your friends at Butte Family Dental are getting excited to see you and everyone in your family for your next dental cleaning and exam! It’s the perfect time to take advantage of some of our preventive services you may not know about yet so that your loved ones can maintain strong teeth and healthy gums all summer long!

4 Family Dentistry Services To Smile About!

We’re telling you about four family dentistry services everyone in your household can smile about this season!

*Fluoride Treatments*

Along with limiting your family’s sugar intake, you can rely on your Butte family dentist to provide extra fortification against cavities this summer with fluoride treatments.

Highly concentrated fluoride is applied to the surface of your teeth to help prevent tooth decay, and it’s especially helpful if you have sensitive teeth. It’s a way to remineralize those microscopic areas of your tooth enamel that have been weakened or damaged by acids and protect the entire surface of your tooth from succumbing to harmful bacteria.

*Dental Sealants*

Even with a good oral hygiene routine, your back molars are the hardest to keep clean.

There are more deep grooves and crevices in these teeth that, to make it even more challenging, are especially hard to reach.

That’s why dental sealants can be such a great preventive tool for keeping your mouth healthy. Sealants provide a thin, but durable coating over the biting surfaces of your teeth to shield them from harmful acids that aim to eat through your enamel, protecting you from cavities.

*Athletic Mouthguards*

Years ago, there was a season for every sport. Summer meant more time at the little league park for a few weeks, but now, just about every sport is a year-round endeavor.

With youth travel and club teams being the norm, any time of year is a good one for a custom athletic mouthguard.

If you have an athlete in the family, you’re much better off trusting a dentist to create a mouthguard than to rely on one from a sporting goods store. That’s because we have the tools and training to provide a completely customized, comfortable fit, which results in better protection against dental injuries and costly restorative treatments during the season.

*Nutritional Counseling*

When school is out, families have more time to devote to afternoons by the pool or on the beach, and evenings in the backyard playing catch or tag.

Naturally, everyone’s diet tends to change a bit because of this, with likely more snacking and eating on the go.

Our team can help you and your family build stronger teeth and healthy gums with our nutritional counseling services. We can talk about the foods and drinks to avoid, and the nutrients you may need to add to your family’s diet this summer to ward off tooth decay and cavities.

Visit Your Butte Family Dentist!

Summer is a great time to take advantage of our family dentistry services in Butte, MT!

Whether it’s a routine dental cleaning and exam, a closer look at your family’s diet and how we can help improve everyone’s nutrition, or getting the right gear to protect your child’s smile during sports, we’re here to keep everyone smiling all season long!

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