A Convenient And Comprehensive Approach To Dentistry

The team here at Butte Family Dental knows how busy life has become, even in Butte, MT.

This time of year, families are settling into their back to school routines and our kids’ Fall sports are already in full effect.

As such, we try to always be respectful of your time. We see it as our mission to help you fill all of your family’s dental needs, whether simple or complex, under one convenient roof (our office on Sampson Street).

The Power Of Three

Did you know that Butte Family Dental is the only multi-doctor practice in Butte?

True story.

What’s more, our dentists, Dr. William Brennick, Dr. Tara Gilbreath, and Dr. Kyle McIntyre really care about improving the oral health of our community through their collective knowledge, gifts and talents.

Because of our combined strengths, we are able to offer more than just general dentistry.

Kids Matter To Us

Gentle pediatric dentistry is one of our specialties at Butte Family Dental.

Once entrusted to our care, your kids will learn lifelong lessons and habits for maintaining a healthy, happy smile. They will learn to love coming in for their regular check ups and, if they are ever apprehensive about treatment, we will put them at ease with our safe and controlled “happy air.”

Implanting Smiles In Adults

Helping adults who have suffered tooth loss restore their smile (and their self-confidence) is another one of the more satisfying aspects of our work.

Our dental implants are a permanent solution for tooth loss and are amazing at bringing back a natural look, function, and feel to your mouth.

After an initial consultation, we will be able to tell if this surgical procedure is the right fit for you.

Cosmetic Concerns

At Butte Family Dental, we are in the business of changing lives, for the better, through dentistry.

We want to help you improve the health, but also the appearance, of your smile.

These days, cosmetic dentistry has so many wonderful options.

We handle everything from veneers, crowns, and teeth whitening to full mouth restorations.

When you visit our Butte, MT office we will walk you through the possibilities and show you our gallery of recent patients’ before and after photos.

Regardless of your situation, you will be blown away by the solutions we can offer for improving your smile.

Relax Your Fears

So, you see, there is so much we can do for you and your family.

However, if you are like a lot of our friends in the Butte area, you might have a certain level of anxiety when it comes to thinking about any sort of dental work.

At Butte Family Dental, we understand where you are coming from.

We can safely provide you with the option of sedation dentistry to keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout any dental procedure at our office.

If your fears are of the more intense variety, we can even provide I.V. sedation, which enables you to drift away completely during your procedure and wake up with no recollection of the experience.

Let Us Get To Work

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation or family appointment. Our team would be excited to meet you and get started on attending to all of your dental needs!