Independence Day is a day to celebrate our country’s freedom, but if you have bad dentures, you can’t celebrate basic freedoms in your own life, on this day or any other. You can’t join in on eating what everyone else is, or at least you take the risk of it being painful or embarrassing. You might also restrain yourself when you laugh or talk. And singing? Maybe you gave up belting it out a long time ago.

These things don’t have to be distant memories. You don’t have to sacrifice these basic aspects of your life anymore. Our Butte dentists believe you deserve replacement teeth that are secure – so much that they’re nearly identical to natural teeth in look, feel, and function.

Bad dentures can steal your independence in life, but you can gain it back with dental implants. You’ll also gain back all the confidence that having a full set of stable, beautiful teeth offers. Take our quiz to see if implants can be your lifelong solution to the problem of bad dentures. Then call Butte Family Dental today at 406-565-4458 to discuss your results at a free consultation. You can also get started on your life-changing smile by scheduling online.