Let The Dentist Supervise Your Whitening

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At Butte Family Dental, we provide comprehensive dental solutions for the entire family.

We truly want you to have the best possible smile throughout your life.

This is because your smile is the first thing that people will see and base their first impressions upon.

Obviously, if you have teeth that are yellowed or stained, you won’t be eager to show them off.

You might be embarrassed about the situation but, by not smiling, you will give off the vibe that you are unapproachable or unfriendly.

That is no way to be.

Luckily, our Butte Family Dental team has whitening solutions available in our office (on Sampson Street) that can radically transform your look.

Are Your Teeth Worse For Wear?

Do you start your day with coffee or tea from the Hummingbird Cafe?

Then you are not alone.

But your teeth will tell the story.

Do you have a soda pop or iced tea with lunch?

Join the crowd.

And see the stains.

What about a nice glass of red wine to unwind with?

You get the idea.

Your daily habits will usually leave you with a smile that is worse for wear.

It matters little, because your teeth will darken with age anyway.

What can be done?

There is still hope if you let your dentist oversee your whitening treatment.

Over-The-Counter Is Never The Answer

You’ll see them at the grocery.

And at the drugstore.

In Butte, MT, there are so-called whitening solutions everywhere you turn.

These over-the-counter treatments are not usually the answer you are searching for since they seldom do much good.

What’s more, they could actually cause some real damage in your mouth.

This is because they come with mass-produced whitening trays that can’t possibly fit your mouth correctly.

When you self-administer your whitening, the gel often spills over onto your gums and soft tissues, where it definitely does not belong.

Dentist-Supervised Teeth Whitening In Butte, MT

Our Butte, MT dental team knows how to get the job done. And when you let us supervise the process there are a few advantages.

Preliminary Oral Exam

We will discuss your goals and expectations and take into consideration your medical history, any current health issues, and the general condition of your teeth before we suggest moving forward with teeth whitening.

It works for most people but it is not safe for everyone.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

We highly recommend that you have a professional cleaning prior to any teeth whitening procedure.

This will make it easier to achieve visible and long-lasting results.

Customized Whitening Trays

Unlike OTC solutions, we can custom-make whitening trays that fit your teeth perfectly.

This ensures that the peroxide bleaching gel is concentrated in the right places and stays away from your gums and soft tissues.

Professional Monitoring

We will check on your progress throughout the process and examine your results.

This is to make sure that your teeth are responding to the prescribed concentration of whitening gel and that your gums are not irritated.

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