Visit The Dentist This Fall For Teeth Whitening Treatment! [BLOG]

Are you as excited about autumn as we are? One of the best parts of this season is watching the stunning transformation taking place outside! We watch the lush green leaves turn all shades of rich, earthy browns, reds, oranges, and yellows. Leaves Should Change Color, Not Your Teeth! As far ...

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Is Dry Mouth Putting Your Smile At Risk? [QUIZ]

Dry mouth is really uncomfortable, but it could also be a red flag that your oral health is at risk for tooth decay, cavities, or worse. That’s because your saliva is so important to your smile, a natural bacteria-fighting agent your teeth and gums depend on for protection! Take today’s ...

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Trouble With Your TMJ? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is what allows you to open and close your mouth. If it comes out of alignment, it can create widespread pain and discomfort, as well as potential problems with your oral health. Use today’s infographic as a guide so you can spot signs of trouble with ...

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Why Dental Implants Are A Superior Solution [BLOG]

Your quality of life and your health depend on you having a complete set of secure, fully functional teeth. Even one lost tooth is enough to impede oral function and begin a domino effect of jawbone and gum tissue deterioration that will inevitably threaten the structural stability of your ...

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Am I Ready To Handle Dental Emergencies? [QUIZ]

You don’t have to panic when dental emergencies happen. That’s because your friends at Butte Family Dental are here to offer fast dental treatment and pain relief so you can get back to your summer with a healthy smile! Take today’s quiz to see if you know how to handle unexpected ...

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Discover The Freedom Of Dental Sedation! [BLOG]

A dentist appointment can be stressful for anyone, but only in the sense that any break from your normal routine is stressful. It can be inconvenient to have to stop what you’re doing and drive to your appointment because of the time away from work or family obligations. The financial burden of ...

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Do You Need TMJ Treatment This Summer? [QUIZ]

Don’t spend your summer trying to managing your chronic jaw and head pain and constant muscle tension. Get the relief you need with TMJ treatment at Butte Family Dental! Take our quiz to see if you’re exhibiting signs of TMJ disorder or teeth grinding, and reach out to us for effective ...

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4 Reasons To Visit Your Family Dentist This Summer! [BLOG]

Summer is almost here, which means your friends at Butte Family Dental are getting excited to see you and everyone in your family for your next dental cleaning and exam! It’s the perfect time to take advantage of some of our preventive services you may not know about yet so that your loved ones ...

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Get Cosmetic Dentistry For The Summer Wedding Season! [BLOG]

Summer is a widely-popular wedding season all across the country, but if your smile flaws have you saying, “I don’t!” to those incoming invitations, Butte Family Dental wants to share our secrets that will have you shouting, “I DO!” instead! Explore Your Wedding Season Smile ...

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Should I Get Dental Veneers This Summer? [QUIZ]

All summer long, you’ll probably find yourself surrounded by all sorts of people. That’s because it’s a busy season for socializing, and our team at Butte Family Dental is here to help you get your smile ready! Take today’s quiz to see if this could be your best summer yet with ...

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