Don’t Be Bound By Dental Fear Any Longer! [BLOG]

Let’s make a deal with you! How about you leave fear to the Halloween enthusiasts this time of year, and spend some time getting reacquainted with the dentist? You don’t have to be bound by dental fear when you have our caring team at Butte Family Dental. We do all we can to make our ...

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Mask Your Smile Flaws With Dental Veneers! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Instead of worrying about a costume to wear for Halloween, consider a long-lasting costume for your smile! At Butte Family Dental, you can mask all your smile flaws, like chips, stains, misshapen teeth, and gaps, with dental veneers! Look at our infographic to see some of the benefits of ...

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Get Better Function, Confidence, & Health With Dental Implants [BLOG]

Most of us don’t ever think about tooth loss as a likely possibility until we’re much older. While that may be true, it’s also true that you could lose teeth for any number of reasons and at any age. That’s why it’s important to our team at Butte Family Dental to give our patients ...

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Will I Love My Smile In Six Months From Now? [QUIZ]

Do you love your smile just the way it is? If not, then why not love your smile six months from now with Six Month Smiles at Butte Family Dental! Take today’s quiz from our Butte, MT dental team to see if this might be a viable orthodontic solution for your crooked teeth. To learn more ...

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Drinks To Keep Out Of Your Child’s Lunchbox This School Year [BLOG]

If you’re a parent of young children, or even teens, you know how challenging it can be to keep a close eye on what they eat and drink during the school year. Packing their lunch and snacks instead of relying on school lunch served in the cafeteria is one way to help protect their teeth and ...

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Do You Know How To Protect Your Family’s Teeth? [QUIZ]

With a new school year on the horizon, our team at Butte Family Dental wants to remind you who to count on to keep your family’s teeth healthy! We offer several preventive and restorative treatments to help you and the kids begin a new school year free of dental problems. If you’re up for ...

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4 Ways Dental Crowns Can Help Your Smile [BLOG]

We know that problems get worse unless you confront them, work through them, and ultimately solve them. That’s something most of us learn the hard way as we grow up. So, if wisdom comes with age, then why do we too often try to convince ourselves that a dental problem will just go away on its ...

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4 Reasons To Celebrate Dental Implants [INFOGRAPHIC]

This summer, our team at Butte Family Dental wants you to eat comfortably and smile confidently. Dental implants from our Butte, MT practice can help you do that. Starting your tooth replacement journey now can have you enjoying every season of the year for a lifetime. Here’s an ...

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Get A Straight Smile By Christmas With Six Month Smiles! [BLOG]

We know summer is just days away, but our team at Butte Family Dental has a holiday gift idea you can give yourself later this year. But you have to start now! Before you say that it’s too soon to start your Christmas shopping, let us tell you why it’s the perfect time to begin. How Six ...

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Do I Need Restorative Dentistry? [QUIZ]

There is so much more to a great-looking smile than simply straight, white teeth. Your teeth can be white and straight, but if they’re not otherwise healthy, you’re not likely to feel proud of your smile. At Butte Family Dental, you can repair, strengthen, and protect your teeth and gums ...

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