It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

You not only have your daily routine and responsibilities, but somehow you have to work in all the decorating, shopping, gift-wrapping, and baking, all while making it to this holiday party and that one.

Who has time to worry about stained, dingy, or discolored teeth?

You don’t, yet you deserve to look and feel great for social gatherings and holiday photos with family and friends.

So here’s a great last-minute gift idea for your smile!

You can come to Butte Family Dental for professional teeth whitening treatment!

It’s a quick, affordable way to improve your smile in time to enjoy the last few weeks of the holiday season looking amazing and boosting your confidence. You not only receive far more powerful results than anything you’ll find on store shelves, but you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your treatment is being administered safely by a highly-skilled, experienced team who will make sure your teeth and gums are protected.

Treat Yourself To Professional Teeth Whitening

We’re all vulnerable to teeth stains because they set in slowly over time for a host of reasons, such as:



*Prescription medications

*Tobacco use

*Dark foods and drinks

*Poor oral hygiene

These contributing factors can affect anyone, which is why there’s such a high demand for DIY teeth whitening products you see in the oral care aisle in drugstores.

But all these whitening strips, toothpastes, gels, and trays aren’t strong enough to remove years of deep, stubborn stains on your teeth. They also don’t provide the customized fit you need for maximum coverage, effectiveness, and protection.

Only professional-strength systems, like you’ll find at Butte Family Dental, can do that for you!

You can whiten your teeth dramatically in a single visit, or you can take home one of our customized mouth trays and prescription-grade gel to administer treatment on your own time until you reach the results you want.

If you get started now, you could still have time to get a picture-perfect smile before you ring in the new year!

Schedule An Appointment Now!

The holidays always seem to sneak up on us, which can leave you with little time to worry about the appearance of your smile.

Fortunately, there’s a perfect last-minute gift you can give your smile in Butte, MT.

A quick in-office teeth whitening treatment is affordable, safe, and effective, and with our professional-strength system and dental light, you can have a brighter smile in as little as an hour!

We also offer a customized take-home treatment so you can maintain that white, radiant smile long after the holidays are over!

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