We wouldn’t be surprised if tooth loss had you dreading the upcoming summer season.

While most of us get excited about fun pool parties and family barbecues, you’re thinking about all the ways to avoid social occasions that will remind you about the life you once had before you lost your teeth.

Our team at Butte Family Dental wants you to consider another perspective, one that has you welcoming a new season and enjoying all the most thrilling experiences it offers!

Today, we’re talking to you about implant-supported dentures and the ways they can help you enjoy a better quality of life!

The Difference Implants Make For Dentures

What we tend to see in tooth loss patients upon their initial consultation are people who’ve been struggling with having to let go of some of life’s simplest pleasures.

Eating isn’t the same. Their appearance isn’t the same. Their confidence isn’t the same.

And the things that led them to that point are fairly common, such as:

*Oral Infections

*Dental Trauma From Injuries

*Cavities That Went Untreated

*Gum Disease

The list is much longer, of course, but let’s look ahead to a lasting solution you’ll find in our Butte, MT dental office!

Securing dentures with dental implants offer much more than standard removable dentures.

They give you a stronger bite and the ability to live according to your higher standards for an enjoyable, more confident, healthier life. Keep reading to find out how!

3 Summer Thrills You Get With Implant-Supported Dentures!

When you trust your tooth replacement process to our highly-skilled team at Butte Family Dental, you know you’re in great hands!

We have the tools and technology that help us design the perfect new smile you’ll love and teeth that will function like they’re supposed to. That way you can enjoy all the thrills life has to offer, this summer and long after.

Here are just three of those thrills you experience with implant-supported dentures!

#1 – The Thrill Of A Confident Smile!

How long has it been since you smiled without feeling embarrassed, insecure, or ashamed?

How much time has passed since you last felt proud of your appearance, especially in regard to how your teeth look?

When was the last time you felt attractive, like time hadn’t yet left its mark on your smile?

If you have missing teeth, chances are you’ll struggle to remember the last time you felt confident when you spoke to people and smiled without stress.

It’s an entirely different, and thrilling, experience when you know with certainty that your dentures won’t budge at random, inopportune times!

Implants that keep your replacement teeth tight and secure are a game-changer for your self-esteem, and for that reason alone, they’re worth the investment!

#2 – The Thrill Of Better, Tastier Food!

You’re no stranger to the limitations of tooth loss when it comes to food.

Whether you have to chew all your food on one particular side because of sporadic missing teeth, or you have to avoid certain foods altogether because of loose dentures, it will greatly impact this sensory experience.

Not only would you always worry about your dentures coming out or moving while you eat, but even the foods you could eat would lack the pleasure of taste due to your palate being mostly covered.

When you opt for implant-supported dentures, though, you can eat all the foods you love and enjoy the sensations and flavors freely, without stressing about your teeth shifting or falling out.

#3 – The Thrill Of Better Health!

The classic removable dentures you’re familiar with are great for many people.

But in terms of your health, they’re not ideal.

That’s because, sitting on top of your gums, you become more susceptible to irritation, inflammation, discomfort, and limited food options.

What that leads to in many cases is a nutrient-deficient diet and deterioration of your jawbone.

Luckily, we’re able to stabilize dentures with just a few dental implants placed throughout your mouth to lock your replacement teeth in place.

That means better bone health, better nutrition, better digestion, and better total body wellness.

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Change can be really scary, which you’re well aware of if you’ve had to adjust your life around tooth loss.

But change can also be thrilling, especially when you know the change will lead to better confidence, appearance, health, and happiness.

That’s what implant-supported dentures at Butte Family Dental can do for you.

Our dentists have years of training and experience to give you back your smile and new teeth that will work for you, not against you.

Make the change today!

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