Get Quick Relief With Emergency Dental Care in Butte

There are many reasons you may need emergency dental care in Butte. From a toothache to a broken tooth to unexplained dental pain, Butte Family Dental is dedicated to getting you the urgent care you need as soon as possible. We will:

  • Stop the pain so you can feel better quickly
  • Treat the source of the problem
  • See you on the same day in many cases
  • Utilize patient-friendly technology like rotary endodontic equipment for comfortable root canals
  • Provide dental sedation if you need it to calm your nerves

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call our office immediately at 406-565-4458.

Find Treatment for Many Dental Emergencies

When you visit our team for your emergency, you’ll receive care from dentists who have received advanced training in areas like oral surgery and root canal therapy. Through our experience, we have found there are a few especially common reasons for dental pain:

  • Tooth Decay and Tooth Infection – If tooth decay has gotten out of control, sometimes a cavity gets deep enough to cause pain. A tooth filling may be enough to repair the decay, but if the cavity has infected the interior of your tooth, you may need a root canal and dental crown.
  • Injuries – An accident or any kind of trauma can damage or knock out a tooth. If you have a broken tooth or knocked-out tooth, bring it (or the pieces) with you in a small container of milk or saliva, being careful not to handle the root. We will make every effort to save your tooth. If it can’t be saved, you have several tooth replacement options, including dental implants and dental bridges.

Need emergency dental care in Butte? Call Butte Family Dental immediately at 406-565-4458. Or schedule online for routine care. No matter what is causing your discomfort, our dentists will see you as soon as we can, and often on the same day you call. You’ll find our office near Stodden Park and the Butte Family YMCA.