Is This The Year I Say Goodbye To Slippery Dentures? [QUIZ]

We hope 2020 is a great year for you so far! But if your slippery dentures are holding you back just like they did in 2019, and maybe long before, we want to help. Take our quiz to see if you should visit Dr. Gilbreath or Dr. McIntyre for a dental implants consultation! Securing your ...

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Upgrade Your Smile This Year With Dental Crowns! [PHOTO]

Don’t start the new year with unhealthy teeth and an unsightly smile. Visit your Butte dentist for restorative dentistry to set yourself up for better health and confidence in 2020! We can fix your teeth, as we did for this happy patient in today’s before and after image, with durable, ...

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Rehabilitate Your Mouth In 2020! [PHOTO]

It’s almost time to ring in the new year, which means you’ve probably already given some thought to goals you’d like to set for yourself in 2020. We have an idea! Resolve to get a healthier, more attractive smile with a full-mouth rehabilitation! Today’s before and after image ...

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3 Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Smile! [INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s still time to fulfill all the wishes on your family’s list this holiday season. But make sure you’re on that list, too! Take a look at this infographic for a few last-minute holiday gift ideas to improve a smile’s health and appearance, whether it’s for someone else’s or ...

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3 Ways To Makeover Your Smile This Season! [BLOG]

It doesn’t take much to ruin an otherwise good smile. A small crack on your enamel, a tiny gap between teeth, or one misshapen tooth that stands out among the rest can all be visibly distracting and make you feel less inclined to smile. That’s not at all how your friends at Butte Family ...

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Do Your Teeth Need To Be Restored? [QUIZ]

Before the holiday festivities begin, make sure you’re not bothered by issues with your teeth. Any pain, sensitivity, or discomfort in your mouth will make it too hard to enjoy your favorite holiday foods, and any damage to your teeth will make you feel insecure about your smile. Take our quiz ...

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Will Your Teeth Stay Healthy This Halloween? [QUIZ]

Halloween is definitely fun, but it can be a tough holiday for your teeth. That’s because even the strongest among us can’t help but indulge our sweet tooth now and then! Even if you don’t have young trick-or-treaters in the family, it can be hard to avoid all the candy this time of ...

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Visit The Dentist This Fall For Teeth Whitening Treatment! [BLOG]

Are you as excited about autumn as we are? One of the best parts of this season is watching the stunning transformation taking place outside! We watch the lush green leaves turn all shades of rich, earthy browns, reds, oranges, and yellows. Leaves Should Change Color, Not Your Teeth! As far ...

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Is Dry Mouth Putting Your Smile At Risk? [QUIZ]

Dry mouth is really uncomfortable, but it could also be a red flag that your oral health is at risk for tooth decay, cavities, or worse. That’s because your saliva is so important to your smile, a natural bacteria-fighting agent your teeth and gums depend on for protection! Take today’s ...

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