3 Summer Thrills You Experience With Implant-Supported Dentures! [BLOG]

We wouldn’t be surprised if tooth loss had you dreading the upcoming summer season. While most of us get excited about fun pool parties and family barbecues, you’re thinking about all the ways to avoid social occasions that will remind you about the life you once had before you lost your teeth. Our team at Butte Family Dental wants you to consider ...

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Would A Gum Disease Treatment Benefit You? [QUIZ]

Verify that your smile foundation is in tip-top shape and let us give you a gum disease treatment if necessary at Butte Family Dental. We offer multiple options for treating periodontal disease at our Butte, MT dentist office. We can also help you avoid the issue in the first place with regular dental cleanings and exams. If you can’t tell if you ...

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Get Ready For Your Restored Smile

You have a cavity, and you’ve been putting off getting it treated. Your teenage son broke his tooth when he missed a ball that was thrown his way during baseball practice. And your daughter cracked one of her teeth when she bit down — hard — onto a pit she did not realize was still in an olive. The good news is you can all get all of your ...

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Should You Book A Dental Veneers Consultation? [QUIZ]

If you are insecure about your smile flaws and you want to cosmetically improve your grin in a big way, visit Butte Family Dental PLLC for dental veneers! As long as your teeth are healthy, we can most likely provide this extremely versatile cosmetic dentistry option for you. For some assistance in gauging your interest in getting veneers, take our short ...

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Restore Your Smile This Spring With Sedation Dentistry [BLOG]

This spring, as you plan all those chores and projects around the house and yard, remember to add a dental cleaning and exam to your list. It’s the perfect season to overcome your fears about professional dental care, restore your oral health, and give yourself a fresh start. At Butte Family Dental, you can choose from a variety of comfort and ...

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Wisdom Tooth Removal Could Actually Be A Wise Move For Smiles

If your wisdom teeth are coming in and you’re worried that you’ll need to get them removed, you should know that you may actually be doing your smile a favor. To learn if you are in need of a wisdom tooth removal for the sake of your oral health, call Butte Family Dental at 406-565-4458 to book a visit with us. We offer free consultations on any ...

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Should You Consider Getting Professional Teeth Whitening? [QUIZ]

If you want to find out first hand what brightening your smile with professional teeth whitening can do for your self-esteem, visit Butte Family Dental for professional teeth whitening. You could even take care of tooth stains in time for Valentine’s Day if you visit our Butte, MT location for an in-office treatment. We also offer take-home options if ...

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Missing Teeth? You Need to Know About Dental Implants

Some of us were not born with great, healthy teeth. Others have stayed away from the dentist and have seen their teeth pay the price. Whatever the case, having failing or missing teeth take a major toll on your body.   Our Butte MT dental office has been helping patients overcome their issues with missing teeth for years. We have restorative dental ...

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Straighten Your Teeth in As Quick as Six Months

What if we told you by mid-summer that you would have a straighter smile? It’s possible with a short-term orthodontic solution called Six Month Smiles. This solution requires braces to straighten your teeth out, but they’ll be off right before you know it.    You can start your treatment — or simply come and here more — at our Butte, Montana ...

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A Dental Emergency Is A Real Emergency

Butte Family Dental in Butte, MT is your preferred provider of in any dental emergency. The word “emergency” means different things to different people. Hospital emergency rooms see patients for all sorts of reasons, some good and some not so good. The true purpose of emergency room treatment is to save lives, to prevent the loss of limbs, organs, or ...

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