Wisdom Teeth Removal in Butte, MT Is No Big Deal

Wisdom teeth removal is sometimes no more difficult than any other tooth extraction. A wisdom teeth removal procedure can get complicated, though, depending on the position of your molars and other factors.

Fortunately, our Butte, MT dentists have done countless extractions in their 50-plus years combined of practicing dentistry. With their advanced training and memberships in organizations like the Academy of General Dentistry, they perform individual and full-mouth teeth removal. Our experienced team is just one reason we’re the only dental office in Butte to provide wisdom teeth extraction.

In addition to skilled dentists, we offer:

  • Nine private operatories
  • Comfort amenities like cozy chairs and blankets
  • Three kinds of dental sedation to ease your nerves and prevent pain
  • Technology like electric hand tools and panoramic digital X-rays, so your procedure is comfortable and precise

Because we’re in network with many insurance plans, it also often costs less to have one of our dentists perform your extraction versus visiting an oral surgeon. Call Butte Family Dental at 406-565-4458 to schedule your free consultation for wisdom teeth extraction in Butte, MT.

Protect Teeth With Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth often erupt between the teenage years and the early 20s. The problem with wisdom teeth is that there often isn’t enough room in the mouth for them. As an added negative, they almost always grow in diagonally. As they erupt through gums, they also make it easier for bacteria to get into your gums and cause infection. So they can disrupt your smile’s alignment and cause jaw pain or swollen gums.

To combat wisdom teeth problems, we can safely remove them. First, we’ll take panoramic X-rays to detect potential complications like impacted teeth, infections, or bone abnormalities. We can remove wisdom teeth before or after orthodontic treatments if needed, depending on your dental situation.

You May Need an Extraction for Other Reasons Too

Wisdom teeth aren’t the only teeth that sometimes need to be extracted. Even though keeping your adult teeth for a lifetime is ideal, there are times when removal is necessary. Some instances:

  • Tooth decay or trauma– If a tooth is too decayed or broken to be saved with a tooth filling, root canal, or dental crown, it will need to be removed.
  • Gum disease– When gum disease loosens or significantly damages a tooth, it will need to be extracted to prevent infection or damage to surrounding tissues and teeth.
  • Crowding– Sometimes teeth get crowded and cause alignment issues. A tooth might be removed to reduce crowding and prepare for orthodontic treatment.
  • Infection or risk of infection– If tooth decay gets to the pulp inside the tooth, bacteria can invade the tooth and cause serious infection. When infection is not addressed in time with a root canal, the infection can spread. In that case, the tooth should be extracted.
  • Preparation for replacement teeth– We may need to remove teeth to prepare for dental implants, implant-supported dentures, or removable dentures.

Contact Butte Family Dental at 406-565-4458 for your painless wisdom tooth removal in Butte, MT! You can also use our online form to ask questions regarding your care or to schedule your free consultation.

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