Relax at the Dentist With Sedation Options in Butte, MT

At Butte Family Dental, we know some people struggle with dental anxiety. You may be a little nervous, fearing the unknown, or you may be so gripped with fear that you have put off going to the dentist for a long time. Either way, our sedation options can help you get past your fearful feelings.

Unlike many general dental practices, we offer three kinds of dental sedation. Call 406-565-4458 to find out more about how our Butte, MT dentists can use dental sedation to help you feel at ease while you are in our chair.

Choose From Three Types of Sedation

Not every person’s level of dental anxiety is the same. With three choices, you can get the right level of sedation for your ultimate comfort:

  • Inhaled sedation– Better known as laughing gas, this level of sedation will make you feel very relaxed, but you will remain conscious. The effects wear off within minutes after your procedure, so you can even drive yourself home!
  • Oral sedation– For a moderate level of sedation, you can take an FDA-approved medication about an hour before your procedure to help you relax. This can only be prescribed by a Montana dentist who carries a conscious sedation certificate. You will likely not be aware of your dental appointment. You’ll be very relaxed and sleepy.
  • IV sedation– With this quick and predictable sedation option, we can control the level of sedation throughout your procedure. It enables us to put you to sleep within a minute, so you can get your dental work done without battling fear the entire time. You’ll be unaware of the sights, sounds, or smells of your treatment.

Whether you’re getting a routine cleaning or having teeth extracted, talk to us beforehand about whether sedation dentistry can give you a stress-free appointment. We’ll gather your medical history and discuss your anxiety level before deciding which type of sedation you may need. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be monitored throughout your treatment.

Private Rooms & Comfortable Chairs Relax You

Sedation isn’t the only way you can stay relaxed at our Butte, MT dentist office. Our compassionate team will talk you through your treatment so you know exactly what to expect. We know this can make you feel more comfortable, as can simply not judging you.

In addition, you can enjoy:

  • Private operatories– If you’re feeling vulnerable and self-conscious, we’ll treat you in a private room. Your privacy and sense of security are important to us.
  • Comfortable chairs– Any experience, including dental appointments, seems less stressful when you’re comfortable.
  • Longer appointments– Our dentists will work at the pace you feel comfortable.
  • Blankets and pillows– Stay warm and cozy while you’re in our chair.

If you suffer from dental anxiety but are ready to get your oral health back on track, we’re here to help. Call our Butte, MT dentist office today at 406-565-4458 to discuss sedation options. You can also use our online form to ask questions regarding your treatment or to schedule an appointment.

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