Dental Implants

With 30 years’ combined dental implants experience, Dr. Brennick, Dr. Gilbreath, and Dr. McIntyre here at Butte Family Dental have the skills to give you the best dental implant solution for your smile.

Dental implants are a strong, attractive, and long-lasting solution to missing teeth. We both surgically place the dental implants and restore them in our office so you don’t have to see a specialist.

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What Is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are permanent tooth replacement options that have three parts:

  • Implant – A small titanium screw that we surgically implant into the jawbone. It is a replacement tooth root.
  • Abutment – A post that fits into the implant to attach and support the crown.
  • Crown – The replacement tooth that attaches to the abutment.

If you’ve lost most or all of your teeth, we don’t have to use individual implants and crowns for every missing tooth. Instead, we may recommend implant-retained dentures, which use dental implants to secure dentures in your mouth. We can even restore All-on-4® dental implant with a fixed set of replacement teeth.

Our high-quality Straumann and BioHorizon dental implants will help ensure your success.

Dental Implants Are a Long-Lasting Solution

Implants are a life-changing solution that will save you from going without your teeth or even having dentures. They stay put without adhesives or clasps, and since they become integrated into your bone, they do not shift or slide like dentures can.

Dental Implant Give You Freedom to Eat

Dental implant restore your freedom to eat what you like and allow you to enjoy your food again. They restore 90 percent of your bite strength, feeling and functioning just like natural teeth.

You no longer have to choose soft foods that are easy to chew or avoid foods that get caught in your dentures. Being able to make healthier choices improves your nutrition and your overall health, too.

Dental Implants Help You Look Younger

Dental implant help to maintain your jawbone and facial structure. Keeping the framework intact prevents a sunken facial appearance, which happens when you lose your teeth. Replacing missing teeth does not just improve your smile, it can make you look younger and improve your overall appearance. Let us help you get your self-confidence back!

Get Your Smile Back with Dental Implants

Call Butte Family Dental today at 406-565-4458 to schedule your consultation for dental implants in Butte, MT. You can use our online form to schedule a time to come and visit us as well. If you have struggled with missing teeth and are ready for a long-lasting solution, Butte Family Dental is the place you need go.

Patient Testimonials

I recently visited Butte Family Dental in order to repair two teeth that were damaged in a previous accident. Over the course of three visits, I was consistently impressed by the staff, both in terms of their dedication to quality work and their friendly, helpful demeanor. Absolutely the best ...

- Chris Atherly
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Missing teeth are destroying your smile & health.
Missing teeth are destroying your smile & health.

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