It doesn’t take much to ruin an otherwise good smile. A small crack on your enamel, a tiny gap between teeth, or one misshapen tooth that stands out among the rest can all be visibly distracting and make you feel less inclined to smile.

That’s not at all how your friends at Butte Family Dental want you to feel during the holidays! We want to help you find the best solution to your cosmetic and restorative problems so you have healthy, strong teeth and a bright, beautiful smile you’re proud of.

Makeover Your Smile This Season!

You can give your smile a makeover without combining multiple dental treatments.

That’s because there are ways to correct, restore, or replace teeth that can benefit your oral health and your appearance simultaneously!

Here are three dental solutions that can give teeth a needed level of protection and your improved smile a great new look!

*Tooth Bonding Is A Simple Solution*

Although it’s not a permanent solution, tooth bonding is a really simple way to give slightly damaged teeth a little bit of extra protection so that tiny cracks or chips don’t get worse. With a layer of tooth-colored resin, flawed teeth are not only reinforced, but they’re also sculpted to make your teeth, and your smile overall, look more even, attractive, and youthful.

Tooth bonding is affordable, quick, and painless, but this simple procedure can result in big improvements to your smile just in time for the holidays!

*Dental Veneers Conceal Multiple Flaws*

Visible imperfections like cracks, chips, gaps, crooked teeth, and misshapen teeth are obvious cosmetic problems.

But they can also make keeping your mouth clean and healthy difficult, too. Fractured teeth are vulnerable teeth, not just because bacteria can enter and infect them, but because they’re more likely to break if they’re not reinforced somehow.

Dental veneers are a versatile, transformative solution because they’re just as restorative as they are cosmetic. They’re thin and delicate, which makes them a lifelike veil over damaged teeth, yet they’re still strong enough to protect your teeth from future damage.

Since veneers are completely customized, you can determine the size, shape, and color of your teeth so your smile looks exactly the way you want it to!

*Dental Implants Complete Your Smile*

One of the most devastating dental problems you could experience is tooth loss.

Even one missing tooth can ruin your smile, not to mention the destruction it can cause to your jawbone, gums, and surrounding teeth if you don’t take steps right away to replace it.

For the strongest, most natural bite, dental implants are the superior choice!

Attached to a single dental crown, dental bridges, or a full arch of replacement teeth, implants provide unmatched security compared to stand-alone restorations. They act as your new artificial tooth root that naturally fuses with your jawbone over time so your teeth stay firmly in place as you maintain a full, diverse diet of delicious, healthy foods.

So if you want to have a complete smile again for better holidays from now on, replace your missing teeth with dental implants!

Get Started Now!

Depending on your dental health needs, you may be able to upgrade your smile with a simple solution like tooth bonding, a more lasting and transformative treatment like dental veneers, or a life-changing permanent option like dental implants.

Whatever the goals are for your oral health and your smile, we will help you find the best way to look and feel great so that all your holidays from here are more relaxing, enjoyable, and memorable!

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