We know that problems get worse unless you confront them, work through them, and ultimately solve them. That’s something most of us learn the hard way as we grow up.

So, if wisdom comes with age, then why do we too often try to convince ourselves that a dental problem will just go away on its own?

Maybe it’s because going to the dentist isn’t exactly the kind of thing every person can face swiftly and confidently.

At Butte Family Dental, though, you have nothing to worry about!

We have a highly-skilled, caring team who will work to find the best solutions for your dental problems using the latest, most comfortable treatments.

One solution that doesn’t get near the acclaim it deserves in the world of dentistry is the dental crown!

Modern Dental Crowns Are Better Than Ever!

At some point in your life, at least one of your teeth will need some kind of restorative treatment. Yes, tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body, but that doesn’t mean it can’t literally crack under the pressure of daily use.

Fortunately, dental crowns can often be relied upon to save the look and health of your smile.

A crown is surprisingly simple – it’s a hollowed out shell that’s placed over a tooth that’s in need of repair for whatever reason.

How can something so simple accomplish so much for your oral health and appearance?

You’re about to find out!

4 Ways Dental Crowns Can Help Your Smile

Probably the single-most versatile solution in dentistry is the dental crown. It preserves your smile in so many ways, and today, we’re sharing four of them!

*A Crown Can Be Your New Tooth*

Losing a tooth when you’re a kid is awesome, right?

But when it happens to adults, it’s not anything to celebrate.

Luckily, a dental crown can replace a missing tooth with a dental bridge or even an implant. Depending on which one you need, a dental crown is going to serve as your new tooth in the end.

A bridge is a series of three crowns bonded together, with your replacement in the middle. An implant is capped by a crown that acts as the replacement tooth.

Either way, your smile is made complete all thanks to a natural-looking dental crown.

*A Crown Can Make Your Tooth Stronger*

Tooth enamel is under nearly constant attack from acid erosion. As strong as it is, enamel can be weakened from acids created by bacteria in your mouth, from acidic foods and drinks, and even from lack of saliva or chlorine in pool water.

Whatever the cause, a crown can be placed over a tooth that’s been too broken down to keep your smile safe, healthy, and strong.

*A Crown Can Fix Your Damaged Tooth*

Maybe you have a cracked tooth from an old accident or injury. Or perhaps you have teeth that have been worn down after years of grinding your teeth.

A dental crown can fix it!

Not only will a new durable crown cover up a fractured tooth, but it protects that tooth from being traumatized further so your oral health is preserved.

*A Crown Can Be Cosmetic*

We’re not all blessed with perfectly-shaped teeth. Thanks goodness we can rely on cosmetic dentistry!

But actually, dental crowns can also serve a cosmetic purpose, even if they’re being used for primarily restorative reasons.

That’s because a dental crown looks beautifully natural and will blend in with your other teeth as if it’s your own.

Even without having some sort of oral health problem like an infection or a large cavity, a crown can be used to hide cosmetic flaws like a tooth that’s oddly-shaped compared to the rest.

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Thanks to our modern, durable dental crowns, there is no good reason why your smile should suffer.

Any damaged, flawed, weak, or missing tooth can easily be restored so your mouth stays healthy and your smile is always bright and beautiful!

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