Oral health is essential for the healthy development of your child. It sets them up for healthy teeth and gums for life. Bringing them to the dentist early can also create a positive experience at the dentist that they take with them throughout their adult years. That’s why we encourage you to schedule a checkup for your little one at our practice. We make the experience fun! 

However, it’s important to go beyond just teaching good hygiene habits between appointments. We wanted to share ways you can make dental care fun at home in today’s post. Here are a few tips:

  1. Become Their Role Model

We all know kids love to mimic their parents. So the best thing you can do is model good oral hygiene yourself. Make sure you brush and floss thoroughly every morning and evening. Explain what you’re doing and why it’s essential as you go.

Occasionally invite your child to brush alongside you so they see it as a normal family activity. Sing songs or make funny faces in the mirror together. Support their early attempts at flossing by helping guide the floss. Kids are much more likely to copy behaviors they consistently see their role models doing. 

  1. Make Supplies Fun and Special

There are so many kid-friendly toothbrush options nowadays featuring their favorite Disney princess characters, superheroes, neon colors, and more. Take your child to pick out their favorite. You can even assign a special toothbrush color to each family member.

Electric spinning toothbrushes also add novelty and fun to the process with their tickling bristles. Toothbrushes designed just for them increase kids’ excitement and motivation to use these special items.

  1. Play Feel-Good Tunes

Incorporate music by letting your child pick two or three fun, upbeat songs to sing, hum along, and dance to while brushing. Make silly faces at each other as you take turns brushing for the duration of each song.

Having an oral health playlist can get kids looking forward to jamming out while also learning good habits. The timer aspect also ensures they brush thoroughly. You’ll be amazed how fast two minutes go by when they’re rocking out!

  1. Offer Choices and Rewards

Instead of forcing them, ask, “Which toothpaste flavor would you like: bubblegum or fruit punch?” Giving reasonable choices makes kids more engaged. You can even use a sticker reward chart to celebrate thorough brushing streaks. Rewards are a great way to celebrate those accomplishments, but just be sure to avoid cavity-causing sugary treats. 

  1. Add Accountability

Schedule regular dental visits, so we can assess how they’re doing and professionally clean their teeth. Your dentist will examine their teeth and provide feedback on their brushing routines. Plus, normalizing visiting the dentist makes it easier for them to incorporate as they get older. Because we’re a family dentist, your whole crew can come in for an appointment.

The most important tip is to start when kids are young to create good habits. You can make dental care fun by turning it into an engaging experience they associate with family bonding. Before you know it, your children will have sparkling smiles.

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