Welcome to Butte Family Dental! We are delighted to welcome you to our website and hope you will visit the informative and educational pages we have available to you.

Our dentists, Dr. William Brennick, Dr. Tara Gilbreath, and Dr. Kyle McIntyre really enjoy working together at the only multi-doctor practice in the Butte area. They are a better practice, having three dentists to collaborate on anything that may come up when treating their patients. Bouncing ideas off of each other and brainstorming for solutions ultimately brings a unique benefit to you – you have a whole team on your side for dental care!

The rest of our team of professionals are also highly-educated and work well together. They put patient comfort at the top of their priority list and balance professionalism with personal and friendly attention.

Most of our support staff have years of experience that qualify them to assist our dentists with every procedure. Our hygienists and dental assistants know how to put you at ease before, during, and after any exam or dental work.

Touring our website, you will discover all of the services we offer, including some that you will not find at other practices. Like most dentists, we do general dentistry, but we also have a special way with our littlest patients: children. Pediatric dentistry is just one of our passions.

We also love to restore smiles by placing and restoring dental implants in one location. Replacing missing teeth is one of the most rewarding parts of our work. Seeing patients who have lost their self-confidence be able to smile with no hesitation is a wonderful experience!

Speaking of life-changing dental work, cosmetic dentistry has so many options, from simple teeth whitening to full mouth restorations, that the transformations are stunning. To see the results of our restorative and cosmetic work, be sure to visit our Smile Gallery to see before and after pictures of our patients.

If you have trouble with anxiety or fear when thinking about going to the dentist, we are the perfect practice for you. Unlike most dentists, we offer several levels of sedation to keep you relaxed throughout any dental procedure. We even provide I.V. sedation, which enables you to sleep through any unpleasant sights, sounds, and smells of your procedure and wake up with no memory of it.

Not every dentist is trained and qualified to offer such a service to their patients, but we believe dentistry should not be enshrouded in fear. Our mission is to keep you in excellent oral health and make sure you are comfortable. This helps build trust so we can do the work you need.

We are honored that you are considering Butte Family Dental to meet your oral health care needs. If you have any questions about our team, our office, our services, or anything else, please do not hesitate to call us at 406-565-4458. You can also use our convenient online form.

We are excited to meet you and help you achieve your ultimate smile!