Every year, while millions of people across the country are busy fighting the hustle and bustle of Black Friday, dentists are celebrating a different holiday.

We’re talking about National Flossing Day, and in that spirit, we want to make sure you’re using the proper technique so you get the most out of your daily oral hygiene routine!

Studies show that less than half of U.S. adults are flossing every single day, but this simple step is vital to a healthy mouth, particularly when it comes to gum disease prevention.

Floss gets in those areas your toothbrush misses, cleaning between teeth and below the gumline. It only takes one minute a day to make your dental checkups more efficient and your smile safer from harmful bacteria that causes periodontal infection.

So do yourself a favor while you’re shopping on Black Friday, pick up some dental floss, and start this invaluable dental habit now!

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