Appearance is everything to kids when they’re around their peers. If you have older kids, you know how much they care about the way they look when they spend seemingly hours in the bathroom or stare at their phone to fix their hair. With the school year approaching, help your kid feel confident about their appearance – and their health – with back-to-school cleanings.

We make these routine hygiene appointments as efficient as possible. But we also make sure to overlook nothing. You can expect us to:

  • Do a thorough visual exam to assess the health of your kids’ teeth, gums, other oral tissues, jaw, and bite
  • Take digital X-rays to spot things we can’t see with a visual exam
  • Clean every tooth to remove plaque, making them shine afterward with a quick polish
  • Teach your kids the best hygiene techniques
  • Offer nutritional tips to keep their teeth and bodies healthy
  • Answer any questions they have or you have, like how to eliminate bad breath
  • Provide extra decay prevention with sealants and/or fluoride
  • Fit them for athletic mouthguards
  • Discuss any problems we find, like cavities
  • Recommend solutions, whether tooth-colored fillings, orthodontics, or wisdom teeth removal

We know how busy families get this time of year. We make checkups easy with extended hours and by filing your insurance for you. We also cater to comfort with amenities and laughing gas, which is safe for anxious kids.

Boost your kids’ confidence by booking their back-to-school cleanings today. Call Butte Family Dental at 406-565-4458 or schedule online.

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