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Today, we want to talk about a tough topic that even the most diligent patients have to deal with at one time or another. That is: bad breath.

Sure, it can sneak up on you on occasion. Especially after a night on the town.

But you’d be blown away by how many folks are faced with a chronic version of bad breath called halitosis. This can be embarrassing, to say the least. But we want you to see that there are steps that you can take to make your life better.

As such, we have put together a few tips for dealing with bad breath…

Water Is Your Best Bet

Water is so good for you. In fact, staying sufficiently hydrated is the best thing you can do to keep bad breath from ruining your life. That is because saliva naturally eliminates bacteria in your mouth that is causing your bad breath. You see, for saliva to be produced, you will need to drink lots of refreshing water. Simple enough, right?

Mints Are A Bad Idea

You’ll be tempted to grab a mint, cover up the bad taste, and retreat from the bigger problem at hand. The problem for you is that most mints are full of sugar. And once the mint has dissolved in your mouth, what lingers is a sugary residue that actually feeds the bacteria causing your breath problems. Who would have thought that to be the case?

Take Your Tongue To Task

Your tongue is entangled in all of this breath business. If you are in the midst of a chronic bad breath crisis, take some time to scrape and brush your tongue. You should do it as often as possible because it really helps.

Choose Your Weapons Of War

This is not child’s play. Defeating chronic bad breath is really a matter of destroying bacteria! You have to have a far-reaching strategy. Brushing your teeth is a good first offensive strike. But dental floss is an even better weapon in this raging war. You should brush and floss twice a day or more to drive bacteria out from the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth in order to win the day for fresh breath.

Let Butte Family Dental Help!

Heeding our advice and visiting our office every three to six months can be all it takes to keep your mouth free from harmful bacteria and bad breath!

At Butte Family Dental, we are here to help you get fantastic dental care. To make an appointment, just call us at 406-565-4458!

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