Just because you’ve lost one or more teeth doesn’t mean you’re doomed to live with shame about your smile or poor health because of lost oral function.

Our team at Butte Family Dental can provide advanced, lasting solutions in modern teeth replacement so you can live the way you want!

Build A Better Smile This Spring With Dental Implants!

Here are ways you can build a better smile this spring with dental implants in Butte, MT!

*Better Function*

When you don’t have the full use of your mouth, either because of missing teeth or loose-fitting dentures, there’s no way your eating habits and overall nutrition won’t be impacted.

Loss of comfortable, complete oral function forces you to restrict a wide variety of healthy, delicious foods that make eating nutritious and enjoyable!

With dental implants anchoring your new teeth, you don’t have to change your diet. You can still enjoy all the foods you love and maintain better health, as a result!

*A Better-Looking Smile *

The cosmetic consequences of tooth loss are obvious, but one of the changes people may not initially see coming is what missing teeth can do to your facial appearance.

The deterioration of your jawbone can age you prematurely, resulting in sunken-in cheeks and wrinkles around your mouth.

Dental implants can stop, and even reverse, that process by fusing naturally with your jaw and preserving your facial structure and youthful appearance.

*Better Long-Term Outcomes*

You don’t want to replace missing teeth only to have to come back a few years later and do it all over again.

You deserve a more permanent solution that will result in a lasting successful outcome for your oral and overall health.

That’s one of the reasons dental implants make the best tooth replacement option! With the right care, they can last the rest of your life, unlike stand-alone restorations or removable dentures.

*Better Options*

Thanks to our advanced technology and training, you have more, and better, options in teeth replacement than you might think.

Depending on your particular needs, we can use dental implants in conjunction with dental crowns, bridges, and even dentures so you get the most lifelike smile and natural function from your new teeth when all is said and done!

*A Better Life*

You probably have several reasons for not replacing your missing teeth right away, but in that time, you’ve had to suffer the consequences to your overall quality of life.

The changes to your appearance, self-esteem, social life, eating habits, and even your health.

Have they been worth it?

The truth is that you are worth the investment in dental implants! If it’s fear of the process or procedure that’s holding you back, we can provide three different levels of dental sedation to suit your comfort needs.

If it’s concern about financing, we can help you with that, too! Let us sit down with you and talk about all our diverse payment options so you can choose the method that’s most comfortable for you.

We never want anything to stand in the way of the healthy smile and the better life you deserve!

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Spring is a time for rejuvenation, where nature comes alive again.

Why not do the same for your smile, your health, and your life?

Get back full function of your mouth, a youthful appearance, and a healthy, great-looking smile with dental implants at Butte Family Dental!

Find out if they’re right for you, and call our Butte, MT dental office today at 406-565-4458 or fill out our convenient online form to set up a tooth replacement consultation.