You know sugar isn’t great for your body, including your teeth. So you probably try to limit your intake for better dental health. That can be tough, though, when so many foods contain excess sugar – including ones that might surprise you. 

There are certainly some surprises in a video that compares the sugar content of a glazed doughnut with some other breakfast foods. A fruit and oatmeal dish from McDonald’s has twice as much sugar as the doughnut! The video also suggests some less sugary substitutions.

The video illustrates the importance of familiarizing yourself with food ingredients. To lessen the negative impact of sugar, you’ll also want to brush and floss every day. Use best practices such as brushing for two full minutes. And see us every six months for an exam and cleaning. If you are susceptible to cavities, you may also be interested in dental sealants and/or fluoride treatments.

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