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The word “emergency” means different things to different people. Hospital emergency rooms see patients for all sorts of reasons, some good and some not so good. The true purpose of emergency room treatment is to save lives, to prevent the loss of limbs, organs, or function, and to address severe pain and its causes.

Few dental emergencies are truly life-threatening, but dental emergencies are emergencies. If not addressed, some dental emergencies can result in the loss of body parts – teeth – and create excruciating pain.

You Need A Dental Emergency Appointment NOW

Just like a visit to the hospital emergency room, a dental emergency requires immediate action. If you’re in the Butte, MT area, call Butte Family Dental at once at 406-565-4458. Ours is a multi-dentist practice, so one of our doctors will see you quickly.

You or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency if:

There is severe dental pain.

Dental pain is usually due to inflammation in the dental pulp deep within the tooth. The swelling and pain can be due to tooth decay, tooth infection, or injury. Removing the decayed portions of the tooth and placing a tooth filling is generally an effective solution.

In cases where infection is present, a root canal (which most people describe as no worse than getting a filling) will clear the infection and stop the pain.

A dental abscess is an infection that has spread to surrounding tissues. Some abscesses don’t cause any symptoms at first, but when they do they’re almost impossible to ignore. Typical symptoms are pain (often severe), swelling in the tissues, and redness in the mouth and/or face.

In severe cases, dental abscesses can cause life-threatening blockage of the airway because the throat swells.

If your tooth responds with pain when you apply pressure or chew; if it’s very sensitive to temperature (hot or cold); or if there’s swelling around the tooth, call Butte Family Dental immediately at 406-565-4458. Dental pain only improves on its own once the nerve in the tooth has died. Take action now to avoid the potential loss of a tooth or even worse complications.

One or more teeth have broken.

The enamel covering your teeth is the single hardest substance in the human body. If a tooth breaks, it’s usually because of some underlying weakness, usually caused by decay. The exceptions are breakage that’s due to trauma, such as a sudden impact to the mouth, or trying to bite or chew something extremely hard.

The first step is to save all the pieces of the tooth. In many cases, one of our Butte, MT dentists can bond those pieces back together. That will save you the time and expense of a dental crown and possibly a root canal.

The next step is to call Butte Family Dental at once. A broken tooth is exposed to bacteria that can cause a dental infection. For the life of your tooth, contact Butte Family Dental immediately at 406-565-4458.

One or more teeth have come out of their sockets.

Most teeth probably leave their sockets due to some kind of impact. In other cases, it’s a sign that dental infection has spread deep and affected the structures that hold the tooth in place.

Regardless, call Butte Family Dental immediately at 406-565-4458. Be careful not to touch the root while you rinse the tooth under warm water. Place it in a small container of milk and bring the tooth with you to our office. Our dentists have an excellent track record of successfully re-implanting teeth that have come out due to accident.

In the event that your tooth can’t be saved, we offer dental implants that look, feel, and function just like your natural tooth.

Count On Butte Family Dental For Same-Day Care For Any Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies are true emergencies. Call Butte Family Dental at 406-565-4458 NOW if you are in the Butte, MT area and you’re experiencing a dental emergency.