Let’s make a deal with you!

How about you leave fear to the Halloween enthusiasts this time of year, and spend some time getting reacquainted with the dentist?

You don’t have to be bound by dental fear when you have our caring team at Butte Family Dental. We do all we can to make our patients feel at ease when they visit our Butte, MT practice, including providing you with options in sedation dentistry!

Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you get past your fear of the dentist so you can have a healthy, beautiful smile again!

Why You’re Bound By Dental Fear

Step one in putting dental fear behind you is to try to understand the reasons you’re afraid.

So here are some typical causes of dental anxiety you might relate to and how we can help you overcome them:

*Fear Of The Unknown*

It’s pretty common for fearful patients to feel uncomfortable during dental appointments because they aren’t the person in charge. To be forced to sit in a dental chair without knowing what’s happening, how long it will take, or what will come next is really distressing if you’re uneasy at the dentist office in the first place.

In our practice, you’ll be treated like a person, not a patient. You can expect us to go at a pace you’re comfortable with and to explain every step of the process so you don’t have to fear the unknown.

*You’re Afraid Of Being Judged*

When dental anxiety keeps you out of the dentist office for any length of time, your teeth and gums will suffer the consequences.

Because of that, many dental phobics are afraid to return to the dentist for fear of being judged about their poor oral health.

You never have to worry about that in our Butte, MT practice. We pride ourselves on maintaining a comfortable, supportive atmosphere so you feel safe coming back to professional dental care.

*You’re Haunted By Bad Memories*

Bad memories from childhood can stay with you for the rest of your life, and that’s what we see in many fearful patients. We understand why a traumatic dental experience from your past is hard to overcome, but we’re confident that you’ll feel at ease in our care and will soon realize you don’t have to fear history repeating itself.

*You’ve Heard Horror Stories*

We’re not talking about ghost stories or horror movies where you know it’s all for entertainment. We’re referring to the horror stories you hear from other people about their dental appointments that haven’t gone so well. While a secondhand account may be completely valid, it doesn’t mean you should expect the same kind of experience, especially when you come to Butte Family Dental for treatment.

Why Your Best Defense May Be Sedation!

Sedation dentistry is an incredibly powerful strategy for overcoming dental phobia. That’s because it helps fearful patients relax so they can get the dental treatment they need.

At Butte Family Dental, you can choose among our three sedation options to suit your needs:

*Inhaled Sedation – For mildly anxious patients

*Oral Sedation – For moderately anxious patients

*IV Sedation – For intensely fearful patients or those who need extensive treatment

When you give sedation dentistry a try, you’ll notice a boost in confidence with each successful appointment, and eventually, may even come to a point where you don’t need to rely on it at all!

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October is a month-long celebration of thrills and chills and all things spooky.

This time of year is supposed to be fun, not a real life nightmare.

Leave the haunting up to the little ghosts and goblins who’ll soon be lurking on your doorstep with their treat bags open, and let go of the real fear that keeps you from having a beautiful smile.

We’re here to help you! Our sedation options in Butte, MT are suited to your individual needs and are highly effective strategies for building confidence in the face of dental fear.

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