We know summer is just days away, but our team at Butte Family Dental has a holiday gift idea you can give yourself later this year.

But you have to start now!

Before you say that it’s too soon to start your Christmas shopping, let us tell you why it’s the perfect time to begin.

How Six Month Smiles Works

Our Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment could possibly give you the straight smile you’ve always wanted before you ring in the next New Year!

This is a process that uses brackets and wires on your front teeth, the ones people see when you smile, to shift your them into the right position. It also uses clear wires and brackets that match the color of your teeth so people will barely notice the early gift you’re giving yourself, which are great-looking, straight teeth!

*Your Treatment Will Be More Comfortable*

Six Month Smiles is more comfortable than traditional braces because you won’t have brackets and wires over every single tooth. You only have them on the front teeth, which means you won’t have sharp edges poking the inside of your cheeks on both sides of your mouth.

You also won’t have to spend extra time after meals picking food out of your brackets and wires in those back, harder-to-reach places in your mouth.

*You’ll Finish Treatment Sooner*

Because Six Month Smiles focuses only on the teeth that show when you smile, it doesn’t take as long to finish out the treatment. Not only are you not waiting for each and every tooth to move into its rightful spot, but the front teeth are smaller and easier to move than the others.

You’ll get results much sooner than if you went with traditional braces that cover every tooth.

This is great since you’re an adult who shouldn’t have to wait a moment longer for the smile you want!

*You’ll Love Your New, Confident Smile*

You remember just a few months back when you were trying to enjoy yourself during holiday parties? Remember how exhausting it was to constantly look over your shoulder for the next photo op you’d have to dodge?

Remember all the time you spent untagging yourself on social media because you didn’t want pictures of you on your timeline?

That’s all because you were embarrassed about your teeth!

You can start Six Month Smiles now so all of that inner turmoil of the past can stay there!

This year, you can turn the page of your social experiences with a confident, beautiful smile. You can enjoy yourself free from the stress and anxiety that once dampened your holiday spirit.

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You may feel like we just celebrated the holidays and don’t want to even think about Christmas yet.

The truth is, it’s the perfect time to get a jump start on your holiday smile at Butte Family Dental. Don’t let all the festivities catch up on you before you think about improving the way your teeth look!

Get to our Butte, MT dental office right away to get started with Six Month Smiles so by Christmastime, all you’ll need to do is show off!

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