Some of us were not born with great, healthy teeth. Others have stayed away from the dentist and have seen their teeth pay the price. Whatever the case, having failing or missing teeth take a major toll on your body.

Our Butte MT dental office has been helping patients overcome their issues with missing teeth for years. We have restorative dental solutions to rebuild teeth and dental implants to replace the teeth entirely. Today, you don’t have to settle for a bad smile or wobbly dentures. Dental implants can be the answer to your dental problems.

Today we want to share some things you can gain from replacing failing or missing teeth with dental implants.

The Problem With Traditional Dentures

People have struggled with missing teeth forever. Just about as long as we’ve been losing teeth, we’ve also been replacing teeth. In the early days of dentistry, dentists used removable dentures to fill the gaps caused by missing teeth. Over the years, dentures have become more lifelike than ever, but they have some major limitations, particularly when it comes to eating. The dentures rest on the gums, and therefore, make it difficult to eat the food you love. This is perhaps the biggest complaint of denture wearers, and it can affect your life in a major way. Imagine fearing that your teeth will fall out every time you eat dinner.

It’s difficult to find the perfect denture fit because the jawbone changes after the teeth are lost. The jaw will begin to resorb — this is why people without teeth develop wrinkles around their mouths and see their nose and chin grow close together. The bone recession can occurs months after the teeth are lost, and it only gets worse with time.

How Dental Implants Can Help your Smile

We’re using dental implants to replace missing teeth, whether it’s just one tooth or many teeth. Dental implants, are made from titanium, a biocompatible material that merges with the jawbone over the course of about three to four months. Because the dental implant becomes part of the jawbone, it is the strongest tooth replacement material out there and it preserves your jawbone for any recession. The implants give you the biting power of natural teeth while also preserving your youthful appearance.

Even though dental implant is technically oral surgery, it’s often less invasive than some procedures like placing a dental bridge. A dental bridge, a unit with three dental crowns, was once the ideal way to replace a missing tooth. The big problem with a bridge is that is must be supported by two healthy teeth. A tooth can need further reconstruction anytime it is prepared, and bridges have been known to fail overtime. Unlike the bridge, dental implants only address the missing tooth. If you have a single missing tooth, we’ll place the implant into the bone and give you a restoration that will blend in with your natural smile.

Why We Offer Implants

… Implants can transform your mouth, health. We’ve seen implants transform a patient’s smile and oral health. Removable dentures make it difficult to maintain a healthy diet and eat the foods you enjoy. Many denture wearers have stayed away from foods like apple, steak, pizza, nuts, etc. There is a list of great foods people with dentures no longer eat. With dental implants, you can eat the food you love again. Furthermore, you’ll never have to worry about your teeth falling out or sliding around in the mouth.

… Dental implants can last forever. Your teeth can break down over time. Our teeth get cavities or can fracture. Even healthy teeth can have problems. Dental implants are made from the biocompatible metal, and so these implants will not get cavities. While dental implants can still fail due to complications with gum disease, it’s quite possible that your dental implant will last forever.

… Dental implant placement is highly successful. Placing dental implants is oral surgery, but the treatment is extremely successful. Almost anyone with missing teeth is a candidate for dental implants. You just need to have enough jawbone density and be in good overall health. We have found that dental implants can be placed with a more than 98 percent success rate.

If you are struggling with bad dentures or missing teeth, give us a call today at 406-565-4458 or use the online form to request an appointment.