Our Dentists Will Get You To Sleep (That Is To Say, We Treat Sleep Apnea!)

At Butte Family Dental, we practice what we like to call comprehensive family dentistry.

So, what Does that mean? It essentially means you won’t have to drive all over Montana to get the services you need.

As we have mentioned before, we grasp that it is incredibly frustrating having one dentist for your children and their regular check ups, another for your spouse’s cosmetic dentistry, and yet another for your own restorations and implants.

Our Butte Family Dental team is creative and dynamic and is capable of delivering every dental service on the continuum.

From general everyday dentistry to complex reconstructions, we do it all in one convenient location (over on Sampson Street).

Because we are so comprehensive in our approach to dentistry, we are also able to quickly identify issues in the mouth that can actually be the source of problems elsewhere in the body.

In other words, we can even help you treat sleep apnea.

What Is Sleep Apnea And Why Does It Concern Us?

Sleep apnea concerns your dentist because it concerns your mouth (and your overall health and wellness).

Simply put, this condition is usually triggered by dysfunctions in the muscles of the upper respiratory tract. In case you didn’t know, your mouth plays a vital role in the proper functioning of that tract.

Obstructive sleep apnea is caused by, you guessed it, an obstruction (more often than not it is the tongue) in the airway that basically starves your brain (and the rest of your body) of much needed Oxygen.

When ideal conditions are in place, the muscles that exist in your airway will keep it open throughout the night. When things go awry with these conditions, your tongue is apt to fall out of its usual hangout spot while you are obliviously sleeping.

This is how (and why) the tongue is ultimately to blame for causing the obstruction that adversely affects your ability to breathe and procure Oxygen.

Tell Tale Signs

If you have been told that you snore, or you wake up gasping for breath, it may be time to dig deeper.

And if you and the people around you notice personality changes, anxiety, and depression, please take it seriously and see a healthcare professional right away.

Bring The Noise

Sleep apnea is primarily characterized by aggressively loud snoring (which is why it is bad for others seeking sleep and bad for interpersonal relationships in general).

That said, sleep apnea is no laughing matter. It will also (quite literally) take your breath away. This is because sleep apnea involves unplanned momentary pauses in breathing during the course of the night.

Sound The Alarm

Beyond the night time nuisance that sleep apnea can be, it is alarming to consider that sleep apnea sufferers are at an increased risk of developing high blood pressure.

Not surprisingly, they typically report problems with memory and concentration.

They also tend to pack on unwanted pounds which can contribute to diabetes. And when they do eat, acid reflux often afflicts them.

Oh, and as if all that wasn’t bad enough, there is a bigger risk of heart disease lurking under the bed as well.

It follows that sleep apnea sufferers are also in danger of having their sleep-deprived bodies slowing down or screeching to a halt altogether while they are driving, working, or engaged in a recreational activity.

How Can Butte Family Dental Help The Situation?

If you have had a sleep study and were diagnosed with sleep apnea, your primary physician will probably make some recommendations in regards to lifestyle changes and treatment.

Regardless, Butte Family Dental will work closely with you and your sleep doctor to find the best solution for you.

Dental Devices

The good news is that, if your sleep apnea is in the mild to moderate range, we can more than likely fashion a dental device for you.

There are two main types of dental devices that we employ for treating applicable cases of sleep apnea:

The first option is a Mandibular Advancement Device, which is a custom-made mouthguard that gently pushes your lower jaw forward to help keep your airway open.

The other option is a Tongue Retaining Device, which is basically a splint constructed to hold the tongue in place alleviating any airway obstructions.

Make An Appointment With Sound Sleep

Because we view comprehensive family dental treatment as extending to your body as a whole, we don’t take sleep apnea lightly and we will do our best to get you (and your sleep partner) some relief.

If sleep apnea is a problem for you or a loved one, contact us today for a consultation.