We love to talk with our patients about their Thanksgiving plans throughout November. We also like to talk about the oral health and diabetes connection during November for ​​American Diabetes Month. This topic is important to us because it affects the lives of our patients.

Research points to a connection between dental conditions and overall health conditions, a relationship referred to as the oral-systemic connection. Specifically, gum disease and diabetes have a connection, likely due to inflammation since both conditions are inflammatory diseases. And because diabetes can make it harder to fight infections, it may worsen periodontal disease.

If you have diabetes and have signs of gum disease, you need a dentist who understands the oral health and diabetes connection. Butte Family Dental will work with you to clear up your gum inflammation and infection so you can better manage your health.

To set up an exam, call us today at 406-565-4458 or schedule online. In the meantime, watch this ADA video on how your dental health and overall health are connected.