Fall is one of our favorite seasons at Butte Family Dental. We love everything about it – sweaters, vibrant red and orange trees, apple cider, PSLs, and football! Speaking of football and other fall sports, you should make sure the athletes in your family keep their smiles intact with custom mouthguards. 

While any mouthguard is better than nothing, personalized sports mouthguards from the dentist are superior in many ways. They:

  • Fit better, so they aren’t coming out (which is obviously pointless)
  • Are more comfortable, so your kids are more likely to wear them
  • Don’t require boil-and-bite techniques like some store-bought guards
  • Provide better protection with higher-quality materials
  • Can be made for specific sports for better impact absorption
  • Can be special-made for kids with braces

The ADA recommends mouthguards for many types of sports because they drastically reduce dental injuries and dental emergencies, including knocked-out teeth. One study cited by the ADA found that athletic mouthguards reduced minor dental trauma by 73 percent and major dental trauma by 83 percent.

Custom mouthguards are relatively inexpensive when you consider the savings for dental treatment from injuries, not to mention pain and potentially permanent damage. Let Butte Family Dental keep your family’s smiles safe. Call us today at 406-565-4458 for a fitting, or schedule an appointment online. Oh, and check out this retro ADA video on mouthguards!