If you’re a parent, you probably like to keep healthy snacks on hand for your family. But it can be tough to find foods that are good for them – and that they will actually eat. One good choice is apples. This treat can actually help you have a great smile! 

October is National Apple Month, so it’s a good time to review the qualities of this fruit. Thanks to their high fiber content, apples work almost like a toothbrush, helping scrub your teeth clean. Crunching and chewing stimulates saliva production, which helps wash away substances harmful to your smile. Apples also contain malic acid, a substance that helps break up plaque. 

For the biggest benefit, leave the skin on the fruit. It is full of nutrients and fiber. 

To find out some fun facts about apples that your kids – and you – might enjoy, check out this short video. Did you know there are more than 7,500 types of apples? 

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