We’re halfway through November, and you have teeth troubles.

They’re not the kind of dental problems that necessitate complicated, invasive treatment, but they’re definitely enough to make you unhappy with the way your smile looks.

And with the holidays almost upon us, now is not the best time to lack confidence in your appearance.

Are you supposed to spend the entire holiday season in hiding?

Not if our team at Butte Family Dental can help it!

Teeth Troubles & Fast Fixes Before The Holidays

Here are four common ways your teeth can cause trouble for your smile, along with fast, simple cosmetic and restorative solutions you’ll find in our Butte, MT dental office!

Teeth Whitening For A Dull, Dingy Smile

You could have healthy, strong, and perfectly straight teeth.

But none of that will help your smile if all those teeth have become dull and dingy over time.

Teeth stains are one of the most common troublemakers for a person’s smile.

Thank goodness there’s a fast fix!

Professional teeth whitening at Butte Family Dental has never been easier or more convenient, thanks to our trusted, powerful whitening systems. We offer two treatment options to suit your schedule, whether you need quick, immediate results from a single in-office application or want to whiten your teeth on your own time with our take-home kit.

Either way, you’ll get better results than anything available in stores and will have a bright, sparkling smile in time for your holiday events!

Tooth Bonding For A Worn Out Smile

Time shows itself in your smile in other ways.

Along with a darkening shade, your teeth can take a beating from years of wear and tear.

You might have nicks, chips, or slight cracks that prematurely age your smile.

Tooth bonding is an easy and affordable remedy!

We can fill surface damage and small gaps with a composite resin that matches the color of your surrounding teeth and renews your smile’s pristine, youthful glow.

Tooth Recontouring For Misshapen Teeth

Surprisingly, it doesn’t take dramatic dental trauma or complicated oral health issues to affect your smile. It can be as simple as a misshapen tooth to make you feel embarrassed to smile or speak in a social or professional setting.

A tooth that’s oddly shaped can be fixed easily with tooth recontouring. All it takes is gentle reshaping of your tooth enamel and a quick polish as a finishing touch to give you an even, more attractive smile.

Tooth-Colored Fillings For Cavities Old & New

Do you have an old dark dental filling that stands out when you smile?

Is there a cavity you haven’t yet treated because you don’t want a filling to cast a dark spot over your holiday smile?

Whether you have an old or new cavity, your teeth still need to be protected with restorative treatment. What you may not realize, though, is that you don’t have to create a new problem for your smile by treating a current one.

You can choose a seamless solution with tooth-colored fillings!

The composite material used to seal up a decayed tooth can be matched to your other teeth so no one notices you ever had a cavity. It’s a fast, simple solution that not only preserves your oral health, but it keeps your smile beautiful!

Get Started Now!

With these simple cosmetic and restorative solutions, you still have time to fix troublesome teeth before the holidays!

Get started now so you can look and feel great with a brighter, stronger, more flawless smile!

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