Did you get hurt or have an accident that damaged your teeth? Our dentists are more than just highly trained to handle dental emergencies. They want to help you. Call us now at 406-565-4458 to schedule your emergency dental appointment.

What To Do With Big Dental Emergencies

Not all emergencies are the same. Each one is unique, but there are some common emergencies we often see at our Butte, MT dental office. Here is what you should do when facing a big dental emergency.

You chipped a tooth.

You can chip a tooth and, after the initial shock, not have any pain. However, you can still have damage inside the tooth. That’s why you need to call us at 406-565-4458 and schedule a dental emergency appointment. Our team can make sure there’s no hidden damage that can jeopardize your tooth.

You broke part of your tooth off.

In this case, the key is to stop any bleeding first. If you cannot, then go to the emergency room. If you do stop it, call our Butte, MT dental office immediately. Explain what happened, and we’ll be able to help you from there.

You lost a tooth.

Stop any bleeding using direct pressure. Get the tooth if you can, rinse it off, and place it in a small container with enough water to cover it. (If you cannot find the tooth, don’t worry.) Then call Butte Family Dental immediately for a dental emergency appointment.

You have a bad cut inside your mouth.

Again, you need to stop the bleeding before doing anything else. Use direct pressure with a sterile gauze or cloth. If the bleeding won’t stop, go to your local emergency room. Assuming you can stop the bleeding, call us and explain exactly what happened.

You have a loose tooth.

If you’ve had an accident but the tooth is still in place, do your best to leave it alone. (In other words, don’t test it with your tongue or fingers.) Then call our Butte, MT dental office as soon as possible. Our dentists might be able to save that tooth.

A filling or dental crown came off a tooth.

If your filling or dental crown fell off for any reason, don’t worry about what fell off. Go to your local drugstore and buy dental cement. This is designed to temporarily replace a filling. It can also be used to reattach a dental crown. Once that’s done, call us at 406-565-4458 to make a dental emergency appointment. Dental cement normally only lasts about a day or two.

You have a bad toothache that won’t go away.

Even if there’s no traumatic injury, you can have a dental emergency if a toothache gets too painful. Call Butte Family Dental immediately for an appointment. In the meantime, take non-aspirin pain relievers and cold packs on the outside of your mouth to manage the pain.

What To Do With Small Dental Emergencies

Something painful is stuck between your teeth.

If you’ve got something stuck that’s causing you pain, first try to remove it by carefully using dental floss. If that doesn’t work, rinse vigorously with water and try again. If it still won’t come out, then call us to schedule the next available appointment.

You see some blood after you brush and floss.

Bleeding after cleaning your teeth is not usually a dental emergency. Instead, it might be a sign of gum disease. This condition makes your gums tender enough to bleed after brushing and flossing. In this case, call us when you can. You will need to have gum disease treated eventually.

You have a mild cut on the inside of your mouth.

As with a big cut, use direct pressure to close the cut. That should be all you need to do, but you are always welcome to call us to make sure there are no other problems.

Dental emergencies can happen at any time. That’s why our dentists are committed to seeing you for a dental emergency appointment as quickly as possible. Butte Family Dental is dedicated to helping you and your family have great smiles and excellent dental health. If you have a dental emergency, call us at 406-565-4458 to schedule your appointment.