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We are proud to be your go-to place for dentistry solutions in Montana. You can bet that we’ll be here to help keep you on-track and to help you recover should anything ever go awry in your mouth.

Maybe you are already dealing with a situation that needs our attention. We can tell you that one advantage of coming to our practice is that you will benefit from the expertize of three highly-trained and diversely experienced dentists. And having sedation available makes all the difference for some of our patients, especially if you are anxious or fearful about coming here. We have the ability to get you to the comfort level you will need to get all the care that you deserve.

So, what is troubling you? Are you embarrassed to smile? Do you have difficulty eating the foods you love because you are missing teeth? That is a difficult situation, to be sure. Still, you can rest assured that we can help. And our dental implants are a strong, attractive, and permanent solution to these kinds of dental woes.

As seasoned dentists, we wholeheartedly believe that a dental implant procedure is your best bet for a restorative treatment following tooth loss. We love being able to provide dental implants and we are sure you will love your new life after they are installed.

Implants Are Easy In Butte

Around here, this minor surgical procedure involves a two-step process. Your implant will first be inserted and allowed to fuse with your bone. This will mimic your root. Once the necessary healing has happened, a dental crown will be placed. This will look like the top of your natural teeth. After that, you will be all set to get on with your normal life.

Dental Implants Make You Look Better

After teeth become dislodged, your smile will suffer. And your cheeks will eventually cave-in, adding unwanted years to your appearance. But, don’t worry, we can turn it all around.

The crown we place over the implant will look and feel completely natural.

No Awkward Feelings

Truthfully, there aren’t any other options out there that will be as comfortable as a dental implant. Our implant and crown combination feels so much like your natural tooth that you’ll soon forget that they aren’t “real.”

You’ll Get Your Bite Back

You will once again have real biting power like before you lost any teeth. And you can go back to eating the foods you love, and the ones that keep you healthy!

The nice thing is that your new implant will be completely secure because it will bond directly to the jawbone. You can eat and smile with confidence once again!

Find Out If Implants Are For You!

We are happy to serve the good people of Southwest Montana, including the communities of Butte, Deer Lodge, Anaconda, Dillon, Whitehall, and Twin Bridges.

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